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Oceans of the world are considered as an unfailing source of food, minerals and energy. They are a vital source of transportation and trade. Even in this age of technological advancements, only a small part of its riches have been touched by man, the rest still offers itself to be explored and researched. Its magnanimity indicates that the future of mankind is intrinsically linked with further explorations of seas.

We are proud of belonging to the region where the history of seafaring is about 4000 years old, dating back to the heydays of the Indus Valley Civilization. So, in terms of Maritime activities, an abundance of attributes took place in this region for ages. Every nation takes pride in preserving its cultural heritage. Pakistan Maritime Museum is the only museum of its kind in our country that has shouldered the responsibility of preserving and displaying artefacts of maritime significance.

Pakistan Maritime Museum shows the commitment of the Pakistan Navy towards nation-building by documenting and preserving rich maritime history and cultural heritage for knowledge and a long-lasting legacy for future generations. The maritime zone is considered the backbone of coastal states and about 95% of the world trade takes place through seas. Pakistan Navy not only defends and secures the coastlines and territorial boundaries of the sea but is also dedicated to educating the people of Pakistan about the significance of maritime affairs and its role in the economical growth of the country.


To emerge as a beacon of interactive learning about maritime history and to provide facility for housing maritime heritage for knowledge and wisdom for an illuminated future.


To preserve and conserve the maritime history of the coastal and hinterland of Pakistan in the form of relics, exhibits and artefacts of heritage/ historical nature.


To educate the general public and foreign visitors about the maritime history and heritage of Pakistan.


In Pakistan Maritime Museum, we preserve and display the achievements of maritime significance and values. Construction of the building began in 1993 and the museum was opened to the general public in 1997.