Museum opening hours: 09AM to 10PM. Open all days

Habib Ibrahim Rehmatullah Road


Open-Air Exhibition

The open-air of the museum is a large expense of space that has been designed for entertainment, relaxation, and amusement through public interaction. The lake is an essential element of the museum and generates an important maritime atmosphere within the premises.
The exhibits in the lake such as minesweeper ship (Ex-PNS MUJAHID), historic submarine (Ex-PNS/M HANGOR), Ex-CNS Barge, and midget submarine also enhance its grace.
The other main outdoor exhibits include a replica of the Manora Light House, Atlantic & Lynx aircrafts, UQAB UAV II, different caliber vintage guns, old generation torpedoes, saluting guns & coffin carriers of Quaid-e-Azam & Liaquat Ali Khan, radars and anchors, etc.